Being your own boss affords you the freedom to create, call the shots, and spend time doing the things you love. However, with freedom comes great responsibility. Being the boss also means being on call at all times. It means long hours at the office and an unpredictable work schedule.

While you may want to believe your business won’t affect your personal life, this is almost never the case. The truth is: entrepreneurship often takes a severe toll on your personal life and relationships.

Your quest for success doesn’t have to ruin your personal life, but if you’ve become completely absorbed in your work, you might be oblivious to the red flags.

From Entrepreneur, here are 4 warnings signs your startup might be ruining your life:

You don’t celebrate short-term successes

It’s important to celebrate every small success and everything that you’ve created. The reason is simple: you are worth celebrating. Winning is not always tied to money, and so it important to celebrate all types of successes like growth in users or market share, or even something as simple as improving the user experience.

If you find yourself not winning often enough, then perhaps you might want to look at how far you’ve come both as an individual and as a business. Celebrating short-term success enables you to improve your life and boost your confidence.

You connect with clients and friends on social networks more so than in real life

While online networking is an important element to starting a business, it is different from meeting people over lunch and holding a face-to-face conversation. When you only use social networks to interact with your friends, you tend to stay more disconnected from their lives as the majority of the interaction is a “like” or “comment” on their page. The power of discovery through conversation is powerful and should be part of your routine to ensure you don’t miss out on important moments in the lives of those you care.

You find yourself talking about things to come rather than things that are

If you are more focused on tomorrow than you are on today, perhaps it is time to slow down and pay attention to those around you, right now. It is easy to get blindsided and always worry about the next sale, or the next big hit rather than paying attention to day-to-day operations and everything else that’s happening around you. Sometimes it’s important to focus on logistics rather than vision all the time, to balance future plans with current priorities.

You start feeling disconnected from other people’s emotions

The saying is true: people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. As entrepreneurs we are trained to fix issues and come up with solutions quickly but are we considerate of those impacted by the issues or do we simply fix and move on?

Always check in with people involved and make sure they understand the why, how and what of the things you do. By communicating these things, you can build even more trust with those closest to you.

Great entrepreneurs know their career doesn’t have to take precedence over everything else that’s important in life.

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