Where would your business be without clients? If the answer to this question scares you a bit then you are a true entrepreneur. The obvious goal is attract and retain as many clients as possible, this ensures growth as well as a constant stream of revenue -- a win win for a business owner.

Clients have the power to make or break your business. Too few clients and your business may not be viable, too many clients and your business may not be controllable. Where’s the balance? How do you realise growth and experience success without building a strong client base? How do you build a strong client base and stay focused and grounded? Today I’m sharing 9 ways you can gain more clients without losing control of your business.

First 4:

  1. Invest the right amount of time in your sales - If your business is relatively new, the majority of your time should be spent on sales. Depending on your business type, sales can mean meeting face to face with potential customers, running the right Facebook ads or fine-tuning your sales method.
  2. Lead generation - Your client list is the perfect place to start. Target those cold leads with a fresh new email campaign. At some point the people on your email list were interested in you and what you have to offer, renew that interest.
  3. Reconnect with the “almost” client - The “almost” client is the person who you’ve actually spent time speaking with but the deal was never closed for one reason or another. Send these clients an email, ask them how they’re doing and what you can be doing to help them.
  4. Make yourself needed - Advertise yourself within your marketplace. Are there online forums and communities with like-minded folks? Start talking and posting, offer free sessions and build your presence and authority

Second 5:

  1. Give something away - People love freebies. Create a printable guide, a webinar or a tutorial that addresses a major need within the client base you are targeting. Offer your expertise in a way that people can see, hear and even print out and carry with them.two are 100% related of course but they should also be 100% distinguishable from one another.
  2. Build relationships - Offer advice and feedback when the opportunity arises. Whether with potential clients or the client community in general, establish yourself as someone of authority so people remember you, your name and your value.
  3. Be available - Make sure there is a functioning and attractive contact page on your website and make it easy to find. People don’t want to work too hard or spend too much time trying to find a way to contact you. Make it easy for them.
  4. Capture leads - Just like you and me, potential clients aren’t going to hang around on your website for very long. Make sure you have an offer in place to capture emails while people are on your site. A freebie of some sort is perfect for an opt-in.
  5. Follow Up - This is most important! You’ve put in the time and effort to attract potential customers to you and your business, KEEP THEM! Continue to offer valuable information and resources even if they aren’t buying right away. Evergreen content is your best friend, use it to keep your client and lead base engaged and aware of who you are.

I hope these nine tips help make client growth a little easier. As I’ve said before, there are no quick and certain ways to achieve perfect success in your business. Everything takes time, effort and commitment - especially clients.

Make the changes and take the actions necessary to ensure your client base is growing in a controlled way so you can offer your best! To learn more about client growth and creating an easily manageable automated flow of clients, join me for a free 20 minute webinar where I’ll discuss some important questions we all have as business owners. Register today and you’ll get my free download - 4 Step Intro Session Script, this guide will tell you exactly what to say to get everyone wanting to talk to you about your products and services.

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