Where would your business be without priorities? Priorities are essential to good business planning. Priorities help set focus, alignment and ultimately achievable goals. I would venture to guess that most businesses share a common set of priorities 1) Increase revenue 2) Minimize cost 3) Build a productive team. But how do you accomplish any of this? You have to dig deeper and set priorities not just for any business but for YOUR business. You know your business better than anyone and only you can set it up for success.

When setting priorities for your business here are five things you need to remember --

1.ALIGNMENT - Is what you are focusing on aligned with your ultimate goals for your business and your life? Don’t waste time on strategy if the outcome isn’t part of your vision and mission. Ask yourself, does this make sense? Is it worth my time? Protect your time and energy by only focusing on what makes sense for your business.

2.STRATEGY - There is not a single step plan that propels a business forward, it takes a strategic plan consisting of many actions. Are the priorities you are setting fall into this strategic plan. If you have to divert or reroute your plan to meet your priorities or vice versa then it’s time to step back and re-evaluate.

3.MILESTONES - Celebrate what is being achieved. As milestones are met, implementations carried out and projects completed, recognize them and use that positive energy to carry you and your team thru the next big and exciting task waiting for you

4.COMMUNICATION- If you have a team, make sure each member knows what the priorities of the business. People love to feel like they are part of something bigger, they want to feel valued and valuable. Talk with your team about action plans and strategy and ask for their input when setting the priorities. Chances are, the more invested your team members feel, the more they will contribute and be part of the success.

5.CHANGE - Priorities change and that’s okay. Be flexible but not uncommitted. If something is not going as planned, step back and reevaluate, there is nothing worse than spending time and energy for no reason. Make your business work for you.

Priorities are essential to the success of a business. Without priorities you lack focus and drive, your business is worth more than that and so are you.

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