What is your VISION? If this question makes you stop and think, and it should, you may wonder if I’m asking about your personal vision or your business vision. The two are 100% related of course but they should also be 100% distinguishable from one another.

When you run your own business, so much of your personal life can become wrapped up in what you do for your business every day. Decisions you make for your company are often a reflection of what you want long term, both in the office and at home. But let’s spend a few minutes looking at personal vision and business vision so we can make sure we know enough about the two to not get them confused AND to make each one strong enough to guide us to where we want to be.

Demonstrates clearly who you are and what you consider important. Your values and ethics live in your personal statement. What do you stand for? This question should be answered in your personal vision. The aspects of life which you find important are what should be guiding you to your ultimate vision of success. The actions you take in your personal life ought to lead you to your personal vision, if they don’t then you need to take a step back and reevaluate how your spend your time and energy. Most importantly, your personal vision is about YOU.

Demonstrates clearly what your company brings to your customers. What experience are you striving to achieve? What does the interaction between your employees and your customers look like? Your business vision is directly related to your business mission statement. You have to know what your overall goal is within your business in order to be successful. Your goal can be to make money but how many components of your business have to work correctly in order for that to happen. Your business vision has to be clear and realistic.

The major difference between your personal vision and your business vision is YOU. Your personal vision is about you, your business vision is about your business. Are the two related? Yes, they have to be but they are not the same vision.

Do you know what your visions are? Are you devoting the right resources to achieving your visions? If you are struggling to clearly define your personal and business visions, I’d love to talk through them with you and help you develop a strategy that will put you back on track,  let’s set up a time.

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