It’s no surprise that Facebook continues to remain a powerful tool when it comes to building your brand, growing your business and marketing your services. Studies show that more than one billion people are active on Facebook and more than 350 million people log onto the social media platform each month. These aren’t small amounts. Granted, just because one billion people are active users, that doesn’t mean one billion people are visiting your Facebook business page each day, although, how incredible would that be? But, the stats are still impressive. As a business owner you have a huge market waiting for you on social media. You have clients and customers that, without an online presence, your brand would never reach. This begs the question —

What’s your Facebook plan?

It’s no longer enough to simply post a few status updates a week and hope people engage. We are bombarded daily with images, invites, quotes, stories, articles and events that we have been forced to be selective about what gets our attention and time in the online arena.

So what can you do to stand out?

  • You have to provide value! 
  • You have to give people what they want and need!
  • You have to invest more than just your time and creative skills!
  • You have to make Facebook work for you! 

Your goal, as a business owner, is to show people how amazing your services are. You are an expert in your field and everybody out there on Facebook needs to know it. One billion people! Make sure you are connecting with even just a tiny fraction of them and your potential client base EXPLODES and so does your business success!

You have the whys but what about the hows? 

If you want to learn how to Facebook market the RIGHT WAY, join me for a FREE 2-hour training session on Saturday, December 9th at the Cheltenham Chase Hotel. In just two hours we will explore-

  • Why you should be using Facebook for online advertising
  • The difference between Facebook other marketing channels
  • My strategy for Facebook marketing that allows me to pay as little as £0.05 a click
  • How to create and measure ads to maximise success

Make Facebook work for you and your business! Register today for this FREE training and learn the tools that will be launch your business.

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